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September 25, 2010


ok so i have been itching for an itouch too. what do you love about it? if i already have an android phone, does it really do different things? help me decide. (and i too have a shuffle and a 4gen nano. hehe)

Hahaha! Of course you knitted it a sweater! I would expect nothing less! The sweater is very flattering, and I am sure your iTouch loves it!!!

Ooooh, thank you so much for showing a pic of how Ravelry looks on it! Now I have to have one too. And BTW, love the mini-sweater for it!!!

I love mine as well! don"t know what I would do without it.
When my daughter goes back to work I"ll be able to send her pictures and video of the baby and it will make her feel better.

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