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October 03, 2009

Comments I gotta go blog too...haha! ;-)

Corona turned out great! I like it in the variegated yarn. I never tried any of the Dream in Color yarns before - looks like I should!

I like the way you dyed the Soft Tweed - I've never tried dyeing yarns either. Oatmeal is a tough color for anyone to pull off - the grape will be much prettier.

I love the yarn you dyed. I just started experimenting with dying last weekend. I only dyed little skeinletes of 5 grams each, but it was a lot of fun and I can see a lot of dying in my future.

I also love your Corona Sweater; I really want to make one of those someday. There are just way to many patterns I want to knit and not nearly enough time in the day.

Ooo. I love the Owls sweater- what a great color.
How could you worry about how your sweater would come out- every sweater I've ever seen you model looks like an amazing fit and this one is no exception! Can't wait to see the Owl sweater in that color!

Love your work.. You are truly an inspiration! :o)

Love the hoodie!

Corona is just lovely!!! And what a beauteful colour you got at the yarn.

Take good care of yourself!

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