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August 16, 2009


Love your selections! I am inspired... Off to JoAnn's I go tomorrow...after work of course! can not wait to see your finished projects...

I was just looking at making some this weekend also, but I don't have the right size zipper. I have to wait until Thursday when I go to the city.

I love the colors that you picked.

Check out this site as well.

Cute bag! Do I see an Etsy shop in your future? Or is it just me that caves to the peer pressure?!? lol

Happy sewing!

I love your box bag and laptop case! They turned out really well.

I just love the fabric you used to make that box bag. My heart immediately went boom-boom-boom!

OK so now your my sewing hero! What next? I am going to send my daughter all of the links and I thank we are going to have a sew along!

Yeah I'm pretty obsessed with the box bags now....

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