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June 20, 2009


Well first of all, thanks for commenting on the blog....

Secondly I am so jealous of a knitted skirt! It is really REALLY cute!!!!!!! You look great in it to boot!

Thirdly, I voted! I voted!

Told you would LUV it!!! ;op
I didn't experience that much bleeding on mine while knitting BUT you do have a darker color than mine.

Doesn't it just feel ooh soooo good on your bod!! And the color fades like jeans!!! Just luv it!!

Great job on your skirt Michelle! And I differently want to make another one too....I still have my eyes on An Affair to Remember! ;)

huh. really cute! another somethin to ponder! looks great!

It turned out lurvly. I loved making mine too it was a lot of fun. Well except for the bind off. Mine has gotten quite a bit lighter now that I've washed it a couple of times.

So beautiful!!! Perfect for you because you are nice and thin.
Love the color.

Love how it turned out. The skirt looked great!

Beautiful! I love how it turned out!!

Wow! That skirt looks amazing! I've definitely thought about knitting one too after seeing them on Ravelry and your is so cute it just might inspire me to finally do it.

I LOVE that on you - it fits you perfectly. That might be one of my favorites of all of your FOs! You may convince me to pick up that Elann Den-m-Nit yet and cast on again for that yet!

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