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March 29, 2009


Good for you!! Such bravery!! Can't wait to see it all done!
Keep trucking you will regain your speed after you redo the sleeve.

LOL @ dog

Have a great week Michelle!

Scary, but awesome. I really want to do this at some point, but I think I would have to do six practices before I cut the actual sweater.

OMGOsh! You did it! Yay for you!

Someday, I hope to have the nerve to do that. . .not today though! One more thing. . .your dogs sleep? LOL!

Nice work! I like the tip of using a walking foot! You really are a fearless knitter!

You are so brave. I guess if you don't take the risks you can't make all the gorgeous sweaters.

Wow! You have guts! I ahev always wanted to try to steek but I thought I would try a swatch first. You went right for it and it looks awesome!

Holy Crap! You steeked!!!! That's amazing!!! Go you! I'm terrified of even thinking about steeking so you are my new hero.

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