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February 16, 2009


Ok so I'm on a yarn high! So many beautiful yarns I can't breath and how cute is that shop!
It was nice of the puppies to give you a little room. They are both so beautiful.

Oh my gosh~ yarn porn!! Beautiful!! I love superbowl sales!! can't wait to see what you do with all of it!!

Oh my gosh - what gorgeous yarn! I'm jealous.

So jealous of the yarn goodies!!! Your dogs are adorable and of course they are helping you!! Just by being by your side how cute.

Good afternoon
I know I know, I live in Portugal, have a daughter aged 14 who asked me to ask you a shirt of Vogue Knitting, however, this is not sold in Portugal. As seen it has and if not asking too much, asked him if it was as possible for me to email the layout of the shirt the model it suggests, is green with hood and braids
Now thank

The Cropped Hoodie
Winter 2008/09

Your dogs are adorable!

Oh My gosh.. you are like the sweater queen.. look at all those awesome FOs! :-) Ps.. that yarn looks so yummy! :-)

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