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January 16, 2009


Great FOs! You are looking slimmer too!

2 successful FO's for 09 you're on a roll. Love both the teal and purple colors.

Yes I am loving your Gathered Pullover is in Malabrigo Silky. I am sure it feels like butter on!

And your Marianas sweater is such a nice one too! I used that particular yarn for my Juliet and can't stnand it for the same reason! ;op It looks awful now too :o(

BTW I love your hair length!! Looking good gurl in your new sweaters!! :oD

Oh, they are absolutely wonderful, both of them!

Wow they are both gorgeous you did a great job! Now it makes me want to finish my sweaters on the needles!!

Both sweaters are beautiful. I love the collar on the Marianas sweater. You are the fastest needles in the west!

I honestly love both of these, great colors and most importanty they look great on you! Nice work!

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