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December 07, 2008


Hope you get a lot done on your day off, but most importantly de-stress!!

Thats how I have been feeling too. I started finishing one thing at a time and its helping. I dont even have a tree up. That should take an hour. But I am doing that to day and sewing on a couple of Christmas dresses.That should take an hour to complete. Good luck.

You are an amazing women and shouldn't be so hard on yourself. All will get done and if somethings don't it isn't the end of the world, even if it feels like it right now.
Something happened to me when I turned 50 I just don't stress the little things. At this point the only things that stress me out are health issues.
My youngest is going in to the hospital Wed. for tests and I am sick over it.
I know it can get crazy but keep it in perspective and enjoy your blessings.

I know what you mean.. I have a ton of projects I am working on and none of them seem to be getting finished. I think its just to many at once but its a habit

I think you'll feel a lot better once you do finish something! That's usually the cure for me.

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