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December 16, 2008


Wow, those ornaments are beautiful!
Love how the Gathered Pullover is turning out.

Great projects! I especially love the birdie ornaments. Gathered Pullover is on my list - yours seems to be zipping right along! When does your holiday break start?

LOVE the bird ornaments! That's a great idea, the ornament swap...the adults in my family need to do this...

The ornaments turned out great. What a little busy bee you have been.

Oh my so many beautiful things! The socks are great I just love Berocco Comfort Sock yarn. Ornament exchange what a great idea!
The gathered pullover looks great in that amazing
Malabrigo Silky.
Can't wait to see the bunny finished. And that baby cardi in another one of my favorite yarns Vanna!
You know what I always say It is all about the buttons! Can't wait to see the ones you pick.

Oh my goodness you've been knitting your toshy off!! :o)
Great holiday knits!!

Oh, so much you have done, and all of them so beauteful! The cardigan is just adorable and the socks looks great!

Wish you a very merry Christmas!

Super cute birdie ornaments!!!!

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