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November 21, 2008


Well another amazing sweater! The sleeves look so cool and the color is beautiful.
The Beautiful Cabled Baby jacket is great I love the Vanna yarns.

Gurl you are putting me to shame in the garment department! HAHA!

I believe you have your fit to a tee on sweaters! Looks great Michelle!

Love the Burnished Tunic. Looks great on you and I love the color. Fast knit!!!

I can't believe how quick you knit that sweater up! It looks fabulous! It fits you so well too. That may be another one I put on my list now!

WoW I can't believe you knit it up so fast. It is encouraging that you can knit a sweater that fast.

It looks great!!!!

It looks great!!! Sorry I missed you guys last week... things have been a bit crazy around here. Are you planning on getting together next week at all?

Oh, the tunic is just beauteful! And so is the baby jacket. You are so marvelous, can't imagin to do a sweater in that short time.

Sorry I am so late with the comment - I really like how your Burnished Tunic came out! It looks like it is really comfy and it is flattering on you as well.

a sweater in less than 2 weeks?! wow~ all I can say is... wow~~~

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