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October 05, 2008


Oh My Goodness! I just love those slipper. You did a great job. Nice color too.

Oh my goodness you got done fast! :o) It definitely is a weekend knit project.

I went down tremendously on my needle size (don't know if you noticed that in my project notes) so I could have a snug fit, b/c wool stretches over time. With that being said you may want to felt them a bit....

Glad you got them all done! My next pair I want to do the pom pom accent! :o)

I love those! what a great gift idea

Cute, and so quick! In a more sober color, they'd make good men's slippers as well.

Love 'em - how cute!

Those are super cute. Great color! I agree they'd make a great quick-knit gift.

So cool and so fast. Love them!!!

those are great!

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