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October 01, 2008


The low here today is supposed to be in the 40's!

Lovely pictures! But I agree with you, it's a bit sad when the fall come. Here we had to put our summerclothes away at least a month ago, the leaves are falling rapidly and it's close to frost in the nights.

But now we can use all the knitted stuffs again :-)!

Take good care of yourself!

Great pictures, and I hear ya on the real shoes. I love boots though, so that's usually the only kind of real shoes I wear most days in fall and winter.

Send some of that cool weather this way. I'm still burning up.
Enjoyed your blog.

that chai is the BEST! i have all the spices in a separate container for when i want to whip up a batch. i think i'll be running to the store for the milk so i can have some today, too...thanks for the toasty idea!

I love the fall weather, I just wish we had more of it in NE Oklahoma. We get about a week or 2 of nice cool weather, but then it turns cold and then the ice comes. That reminds me, I need to order a couple ricks of wood soon.

Love your blog!

Also, I wanted to ask if you could post the Chai tea recipe? I search knittingnurses blog and couldn't find it.

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