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September 16, 2008


Oh, your silky merino sweater will be great! What a lovely colour! Just like you, I prefere top-down, it's so easy to check up how long your really want it and it's possible to change the length of both the body and the sleeves if it goes wrong! And now and then it does :-(

See you soon, take good care!

You weren't kidding that you have a lot of projects going. Yummy yarn purchases. I love the purples. My favorite color.

Great fibers and tons of WIPs!

Can't wait to see your Ripple ocme to life! :o)

My daughter has made many top down sweater and it looks so cool that she is able to check fit as she goes along. I would like to try it but have not found a pattern in super big sizes.

I got some yarn from Elann recently and it came to NY super quick (quicker than a package I ordered from

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