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August 29, 2008


I pre-ordered my Custom Knits ages ago from Amazon but I was cheap enough to get super-saver free shipping, which means it's not coming until my other book (a Classic Elite book) is shipped also. However, I was dying to see it so I browsed through it at Border's, and the slinky ribs is also one of my favorites.

I checked out you blog from Ravelry ChalkDust Knitters.
Your work is beatiful.
I'm on a mission to start a list of little known bloggers. There are the superstars of knitting blogs that we all read. They get 50,100 and more comments. But there are so many good blogs, with great projects and ideas, that no one knows about. Soooo as I find them I would like to list them. Not that it will make a difference because I am one of those little blogs but I'll feel better with blog world. I hope to put some kind of webring or a group on Ravelry together with my daughters help. More info to follow.
Those in the group will place each others blogs on their blog lists. Let me know if you're interested.

I got my Custom Knits book last week. Well I should say books. I guess I was so excited to get it I didn't realize I had pre-ordered two. LOL!!! Your knitting corner looks like the perfect spot to snuggle up and knit.

I just got a copy of Custom Knits today and I love it. Great book.

I should give the magic toe cast-on a try.

Isn't it the normal sight of a livingroom :-)? At least ours is just like that!

What a nice blog you have, and what a lot of lovely things you have done and are working with!

I'll be back soon.

I had a little knitting mess like that on the floor next to my side of the bed, since we're doing "true confessions". I've been on a cleaning/organizing rampage lately though so I finally eradicated it.

I do have Custom Knits and love it too! I also have Soft Tweed in my stash and will be making that same sweater. I think I'm going to be up for a quick immediate gratification knit once I finish Silken Scabbard! Just imagine how quick that Soft Tweed cardigan would be if knit monogamously!!

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