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October 14, 2007


You have been busy!!! I love that textured tunic!

A "little" progress you made a DENT in your WIPs! LOL!! Haha!

I made two 4" charity squares over the weekend! HAHA!! :op

I so can't wait to make Wicked!!

Everything looks great! I modified my sleeves on the Textured Tunic so that they weren't so narrow at the top, and I remember they were pretty quick to do. So if you do have to frog them I can tell you what I did with mine as I think I still have my notes in my Fitted Knits book. Hopefully you don't though.

That looks like ALOT of progress to me!

wow - lots done.. great job! i think i might have knit five rows on a baby blanket lol

You are crazy productive! I love the tunic.

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