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August 01, 2007


Awww, sorry you aren't happy with your top!!! It's pretty though!

oh, poor doggy...i would have probably done more than yelled!
sorry to hear about the broken solar cover,'s those things that remind me that not having kids is a good idea. the ones that are nutso and have zero respect for other people's things freak me out and make me dislike the whole bunch of ankle-biters lol

the ballet top looks cute...sorry you aren't 100% happy w/ it...maybe you could use it as a gift for a friend's bday or something?

The top looks great! If you haven't already, wait until you wash it...the Cotton Fleece gets SO soft and drapey!
Hope to see you at Knit Night tomorrow (Friday:)

I like the Ballet T - mine is a little short too (even for me) but that was because I stopped it too short. On my next one, I'm going to make it longer.

Those kids sound really unruly! I would definitely have yelled. Did I ever tell you the story about the time when this kid came to my house and swung from my bannister upstairs (15 feet off the ground)? My husband yelled at him (after a few non-yelling attempts to get him down) and my husband became the bad guy for yelling at him. Some people...

you were well within your rights to yell!!! you probably did it in a nice, teacherly way... i would have just flipped out if someone hit my dog.

cute top!!!

so wait... there's a friday knit night?

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