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July 04, 2007


All your projects look great! What yarn did you use for the boatneck???

I LOVE Rusted Root - that one turned out perfect! Yours is one of the only ones I've seen that actually has puffy sleeves like it's supposed to (mine didn't.) It looks like it fits you perfectly and I don't think it looks too short. You could always layer a cami under it to lengthen the look, I do that sometimes if my stuff turns out a little short.

Nice rusted root! All your other knits are very nice too! Continue with the good work!

Great job with the Rusted Root! It looks really good on you. I joined the SKC late and only finished the Sahara, but I definitely want to go back and knit this one. Encouraged by your FO!

Love the FO's!!!

Beautiful Rusted Root... I'm seriously debating knitting that...

Hey are you going to knit night at all this week? I'm in serious recovery mode from this weekend and I have a feeling all I'm going to want to do this week is sit around and knit.

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