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June 09, 2007


Oh Michelle, that's awful. I hope it resolves quickly. What city are you in? Westside, right?

For what it's worth, the Brooks Farm is beautiful and I love how Bluebell is turning out.

That truly is bad news. Losing a job is stressful, but to lose a job that you actually like is the pits. There's nothing I can say, except that I sympathize. T

oh no - i'm so sorry to hear that, michelle. i hope they call you back...i'll be sending some prayers your way that they do. i hope you can find a way to stay positive and enjoy your summer and i really hope everything works out for the best! *hugs*

So sorry to hear about that, Michelle. Hopefully they call you back and/or you find a better position at another school. That is awful that so many husbands and wives were both losing jobs.

I just now reading this... that's awful! I'm so sorry they let you go. What a crappy way to start your summer...I hope they call you back.

Great book choices! I have Favorite Socks and One-Skein Wonders. and I've gotten lots of use out of both of them.

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