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August 12, 2009


LOVE that teal color on the Finsherman's wool. . .crap. . .now I have to go buy more of THAT! Haha! And your bag turned out so well! Yay! Glad you had fun at Soft 'n Sassy, and sorry that summer is slipping away. . .sigh

The laptop bag is great and I love the fabric you used to line it!
I would love to watch you knit because you finish so many projects in such a short time. And we are not talking simple mindless things!!!!
You are my hero!

Gurl you have been busy knittng, dyeing and lining bags!! Great stuff!

And hope you have a wonderful new school year! :)

Your work is always so inspiring! Back to work tomorrow for me... Training week then the kids come!

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